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The German Film and Television Academy Berlin, founded in 1966, offers a professional training program for creative careers in film and television and has since become one of the most renowned institutes in this area. Many of its graduates have strongly influenced the media scene in Germany and Europe.

Essential Features
The programme is practically oriented ”learning by doing” and is designed to give students the possibility to become familiar with all aspects of film and television production.
Experienced professionals build the teaching staff as for example Michael Ballhaus, Slawomir Idziak, Bela Tarr, Dick Ross, Wolfgang Becker, Dani Levy, Tilda Swinton, Volker Schlöndorff, Emil Knebel, Mogens Ruckov, Buddy Giovinazzo, and Ken Dancyger. All of them offer a wide knowledge and experience to convey the latest aesthetic and technical developments to the students.

· The dffb regularly offers screening series to discuss new films and analyse them together with directors, authors, cinematographers (eg. Ken Loach, Tsai Min Lang, Aleksandr Sokurov, Tom Tykwer, Mike Leigh, Curt Siodmak, Werner Herzog)
· The dffb also encourages the students to develop their specific artistic talents as individual creativity and artistic consciousness are considered to be evenly important as technical know-how.
· The dffb admits 34 students per year which guarantees efficient, flexible and interdisciplinary group work.
· With international students from nearly 30 different countries the dffb offers a remarkable atmosphere of cultural diversity.
· The dffb promotes academic exchange with numerous international film schools, eg. USC (Los Angeles), JFTS (Jerusalem), NFTS (London) and FEMIS (Paris).

The Studies Program
The programme takes four years and focuses on directing, camerawork, scriptwriting, and production. An additional two year programme for professional scriptwriting was established in February 1997 and since 1999 the dffb also offers a one year programme for TV-producers. Another important step is the recent development of a media lab for digital and interactive technologies in film and television.
Classes are taught in blocks taking one to eight weeks. Experienced directors, authors, screen writers, cinematographers, sound engineers, editors and production heads provide guidance on film and video projects. Along with theoretical discussions to develop analytical awareness, seminars on production, marketing, sponsorship and film right are offered and internships on professional production are arranged for the students.
Furthermore, the dffb is engaged in film production: numerous short films and up to ten full length graduation films per year are mainly co-produced with renowned German and European TV-stations. Every year, dffb productions are invited to more than 60 festivals around the world and have already won a considerable number of awards. Twice a year, the film academy presents a selection of these films to television and film producers as well as to editors.

Professor Reinhard Hauff
Potsdamer Straße 2
D-10785 Berlin
Tel: +49(0)30-25 75 91 30

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