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interactive narrative


the impact of interaction on drama
(next courses planned for 2004)

the participants in summer 2003
were European professionals with a minimum of two years work experience (not necessarily in the field of interactive media) and a burning interest in the potential of new technologies:

Trish McAdam, Ireland
profession: filmmaker

Thomas Hammer, Germany
profession: digital designer

Astrid Luethe, Germany
profession: communications trainer

Litsa Boudalika, Denmark
profession: documentary filmmaker / teacher

Nuala Roche, Ireland
profession: film editor / new media project manager

Mona Setter, Germany
profession: tv producer

the aim
of the course is to introduce the participants to the creation of interactive content for single user applications. They will acquire the knowledge and skills involved in the design of interaction, structuring of information and development of interfaces.

the course
is a six day seminar looking at
- the history of interactive narrative in the new media,
- the role of the author and changes in user perception,
- design of interaction in a dramatic context,
- structuring of information and creation of interfaces,
in the form of lectures, case studies and exercises which run parallel to:
- the development of a group project on narrative content for interactive devices

the trainers
are Simon Lovind and Michael Valeur, two experienced conceptors and authors from Denmark of interactive narrative for entertainment, children's titles and art.

Find out more by looking at the course documentation 2003!

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