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(future dates planned for 2004)

the participants in summer 2003
were European professionals with two years or more exposure to the new media in their work or prior training in the field. Participants of module 1 “interactive media” were also eligible to apply.

Boryana Angelova, Bulgaria
profession: journalist, student of cultural studies

Thomas Hammer, Germany
profession: digital designer 

Tomas Hampejs, Czech Republic
profession: web master, student of philosophy

Dee Halligan, United Kingdom
profession: project manager for digital media 

Lars Jandel, Germany
profession: graphic designer / filmmaker

Jonas Lindberg, Sweden
profession: creative director

Denisa Kera, Czech Republic
profession: assistent and lecturer for new media studies

Hendrik Niefeld, Germany
profession: film student

George Panayotov, Bulgaria
profession: journalist, student of history

Hans-Georg Struck, Germany
profession: screen writer, producer (alumnus of the dffb)

Ilya Vedrashko, Bulgaria
profession: content manager

the aim
of the course is to teach the design of participatory applications that allow the development of fiction and non-fiction content. These systems are kept creative and alive through the interaction and communication of their users. Within the course the participants will analyse the cultural impact of network technologies and discuss the emergence of multi-user systems.

the course
is comprised of seminars on: 
- communication technologies and formats 
- game theories and game design 
- community building and management 
- data management and data based narratives 
- content business and management
which leads up to a: 
- group project to design participatory content for interactive applications and communication devices

the trainers
are recruited world wide. They are professionals, researchers and educators with extensive knowledge in their particular fields of specialisation.

Find out more by looking at the course documentation 2003!

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