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Project Coordinator:
Andrea Peters

Marketing Coordinator:
Maria Burdick

Director of Studies: Inga von Staden (ProjectScope)

Inga von Staden











Inga von Staden has been active in the media industry since 1987. Over that period, she has worked as an editor and author for television, as a script editor for film and theatre, and as a conceptor and project manager for interactive entertainment and computer games, internet applications, media for marketing as well as trade fairs and events. Since 1999, she has worked as a consultant in the field of entertainment and e-business with a focus on content development, information architecture and project management. Parallel to project consulting and coaching, she has been teaching at institutions including the HFF in Babelsberg, the Akademie für neue Medien and the Filmakademie in Ludwigsburg. She also stages seminars for companies in the media industry. As the positive response to such seminars clearly documents, there is a great need for training in the area of content development for the new media, both on the part of media companies as well as self-employed professionals. In particular, demand is high for programmes that discuss the latest developments in the interactive media and the impact these have on content development for other platforms. As Director of Studies, Inga von Staden is responsible for the course content, invitation to trainers, provision of teaching materials as well as planning of further training programs.

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