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multimedia content
…is digital. It is a software processed by a computational device. Thus it can be
interactive: the user interacts with a software,
cooperative: users communicate with other users via a system,
location based: users interact with information on the physical space they are in
participatory: several users (in a physical space) participate in the interaction with a system

multimedia content
… stimulates our audiovisual senses and sometimes our sense of touch, taste or smell. It makes use of all the audiovisual media formats whether they be text, graphics, photo, film, animation or sound and sometimes other means.

… can be informative, educational and/or entertaining.

… is produced for
publication, i.e. in the web, on CD-ROM,
for mobile devices or other
broadcasting, i.e. via radio networks, television networks, mobile networks or other
staging and exhibiting, i.e. in art galleries, theatre venues, museums or other.

… can be targeted at business communities, science communities, educational communities or consumers.

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